The Skin Square, the Pupil Square (Deluxe Edition) by Kyoko Matsunaga - SOLD

This book is an anthology the nighttime dreams of seven scientists. Even though science has unlocked many of the mysteries of the natural world, dreams have been ignored despite the fact that most people, not excepting scientists, experience dreams on a daily basis. Meanwhile, it seems that the dream world has remained as a vast space where people can still protect their personal sphere of life in this age of the Internet. Each story can be read in accordion book form, and also unfolded into a large image that has no concept of time. On the reverse side there are various sleeping animals linked by woven twigs beyond the pages.

Artist Bio

Kyoko Matsunaga was born in Hyogo, Japan, in 1981. A book artist currently living and work in Kyoto. Her BFA in Printmaking was received from Kyoto Seika university. After graduation, she moved to Tokyo and worked as a graphic designer for several years. Then she studied with a bookbinder, Yo Yamazaki, to shape her book art more unerringly. She also had lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for three years between 2010 and 2013. There, she absorbed the culture of America and the contemporary style of book art. Kyoko's work can be found in several private and public library collections, and has been seen in numerous exhibitions in Japan and abroad.