The Shakespeare 400 by Linda Welch

Four hundred years after Shakespeare's death, 23 Sandy's most popular painter and book artist, Linda Welch, celebrates the legacy of arguably the greatest playwright in the English language with this remarkable set of 37 of his plays, poems and sonnets—each re-bound in painted covers with matching slipcases. Linda's work is always popular. She creates one-of-a-kind, abstract, layered, mixed media books that incorporate oil painting, collage, screen printing, found book pages and wax. Linda tells us, "In celebration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, I have reconstructed this complete set of Shakespeare's plays. The Riverside edition is a large, heavy, coffee table book; offering all the plays, poems and sonnets along with plenty of history, illustrations, and notes in one volume. By folding and restructuring the pages, I took this chunky, weighty volume, and reduced it to small individual books. Thirty seven books in all. The plays are meant to stand alone; to be read and appreciated one at a time. I know that individuals relate to one play or another for different reasons and here, they can be enjoyed singly or in a group. I know I have my favorites... I love to restructure a piece of literature, altering the way it is viewed and read. Shakespeare, in particular, lends itself to this process. This is the second set of Shakespeare's plays I have reconstructed, and certainly not the last."

Artist Bio

Linda Welch is a painter, sculptor and book artist living in Portland Oregon. She grew up in Iowa and lived for many years in California. She received a B.F.A. in Ceramics from Long Beach State and an M.F.A. in Textile Design from UC Davis. Her work is in private and public collections including UCLA Fine Art Library and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.