The Seven Rites of the Lakota by Susanne Martin

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The Seven Rites of the Lakota by Harry Charger (Wa’anata) This multi-media project includes a book and dvd (4 hours) with a focus on the philosophical essence of the seven most important life cycle ceremonies for the Lakota. The book is an English-only summary of several lectures presented in Lakota and English at Wake Forest University. The dvd presents the complete lectures in both languages. The ceremonies and their inherent teachings exemplify the natural order of Wo’unye, the Lakota Lifeways, as taught through Lakota Star Knowledge. The Wo’unye are expressed in 444 guiding principles to help a human being live in harmony and in good relation with all of life.  Wo’unye applies to the four cycles of life – childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. During the first two cycles, human beings learn and absorb the teachings; in the third part of life, a person can begin to fully live Wo’unye; in the fourth, if one is gifted and has lived in harmony with the principles of the Lakota Lifeways, one may begin to teach and share Wo’unye. Teaching Wo’unye is done through the seven rites, but also through words, actions, through songs and through physical presence to all that is. To practice compassion and balance, to understand our place in the created and uncreated world, and to respect the power of the Sacred Essence in all of life are central aspects of Wo’unye. The author is an expert on traditional healing and life cycle ceremonies. He lives and works in Eagle Butte, South Dakota (Cheyenne River Reservation). He has taught as a community college instructor in several reservation schools throughout South Dakota. Mr. Charger has lectured to students K through 12th grade, to civic groups and veteran organizations, and in correctional facilities. He has been invited for speaking engagements at Portland State University, Portland University, Mt. Hood Community College, University of Michigan, Madison, Wisconsin, University of S Dakota, the Wahpeton School of Science, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem State University, and the Wake Forest School of Medicine. Mr. Charger is an honorary member of the Lakota Akicita Okolaciciwapi and the leader of the Lakota Warrior Society Ehankia Wacinyapi. He is a Sun Dancer, a Sun Dance Leader, and a ceremonial Buffalo Dancer. His community honored him twice with the Naca (Bonnet Wearer) ceremony affirming Lakota Spiritual Leadership. All proceeds go to Harry Charger to help build a detraumatization center for Lakota youth.

Artist Bio

Susanne Martin has been a book artist and a weaver in Greensboro, North Carolina for 25 years. She makes her own paper and paper decorations for her bindings and paper weavings.