The Sea and the Unseen by Laura Ladendorf

$400.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
The Sea and the Unseen is an accordion structure made from a two-sided print with windows cut into each panel. The opposing prints feature vibrant marine life on one side while the other side depicts plastics accumulating in the sea. The windows cuts on each panel flip to show the view from the other side which increases in size from the first panel to the last. The viewer is encouraged to try to "see" beyond the surface; open and close the windows to actively invade the marine life with increasingly larger amounts of trash or vice versa from the trashy plastics side.

The marine life side is a reduction cut from a linoleum relief block printed on a Vandercook letterpress. The trash side is a screen print from a collograph print made with real trash. The book’s few words appear on the trash print side, referring to common plastics that continue to gather as everlasting trash in the earth's bodies of water. Both prints are layered over poured acrylic on Stonehenge paper. The cover is also printed from the marine life linoleum block with nearly invisible ink on handmade paper. The porthole has a small window of mica. The few words (on the trash print) merely list a sampling of common plastics that continue to gather as everlasting trash in the earth's bodies of water.

Artist Bio

Laura Ladendorf is a professional graphic designer and illustrator. Her parallel interests in book arts, letterpress and small press publishing continually threaten to take over her life. Her artist books often focus on topics of environmental concern and natural things which may occasionally include humans. Favored processes often involve layering and combining print, photography and drawing or painting, handmade or even found items. The book structures themselves aspire to also convey a bit of information for the viewer. Laura lives in Asheville, NC.