The Pålt Experience by Jackie Niemi -SOLD!

This piece was inspired by a recent family reunion where we made “pålt” for the second time since my grandfather’s passing 15 years ago. Pålt is a Scandinavian potato dumpling that was Grandpa’s favorite birthday food. The family used to make it every year for his January birthday. The revival of the tradition allowed me to see how the whole process brought everyone to life. This was done through the hands-on making of the recipe, sharing of stories, and partaking of the final product. It connected the living generations to the ways of the ancestors, and highlighted the importance of “the sharing of food” in our human experience.

Artist Bio

Jackie Niemi is a Yakima, WA, artist whose work has been shown throughout the Northwest.  Her art is included in both private and public collections.  She describes what she does:  "I enjoy working with paper--drawing and painting on it, shaping it into sculptural forms, stitching on it, collage, and making one-of-a-kind artists books." A year and a half ago Niemi moved to sunny central Washington after living on the Oregon Coast for 22 years.  This is what she says of her new home:  "The bones of the earth are more visible here, exposing shapes and shadows and colors I was unable to see at the coast.  Different natural forces predominate.  These new sources of nourishment are starting to make their way into my artwork."