The Mermaid's Dream by Celeste Maia

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The Mermaid's Dream is inspired by Borges's idea of circular time and duality, man as dream and dreamer. It recreates the mystery and magic I experienced at a beach party in 1974, celebrating Portugal's revolution. Sometimes an event happens that defies everything we know. Over time we even doubt our memory. But it haunts us. I painted the girl as I remember her, sleeping by the sea in the silvery night. But then she disappeared—into the waves? Did I dream the girl dreaming she is a mermaid? Or is the mermaid dreaming she is the girl at the beach party who later makes an artist book? Meanwhile, the mermaid vanishes down her own illuminated blue path into another dream.

Artist Bio

Celeste Maia painted for many years, moving between the US and Europe. Her works are in a number of international collections. In parallel, she wrote and illustrated bilingual children' s books, winning Portugal's top prize, Ler Mais, in 2006. Relying upon her experience as a painter, illustrator, writer and calligrapher, Maia's artist books reflect her eclectic background in materials and subject matter. Her book, "Resistance", commemorating the survivors of the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka, won a prize in 2015 in Spain's top artist book show, Mas Que Libros. Celeste Maia curated the international book art show, CIBA 2015, in Cascais, Portugal. Maia publishes her artist books under her Serpens Caput imprint. A native of Mozambique, she has lived in many countries and now resides in Madrid, Spain.