The Man in the Moon by Bryan Kring

$120.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
This is a moveable book without words. It is a free association dreamlike movie that begins with a vision of the man in the moon. When the wooden dowels are turned a scroll of very thin paper within the box reveals backlit drawings with a silent cinematic feel. Holes punched in the black cover paper illuminate like stars in the night sky framing the "movie." I have always loved the charm of pre-cinematic technologies. They possessed a quality magical wonder that has been lost in the super-developed cinema of today.    

Artist Bio

Bryan Kring began as a writer. In his early twenties he had dreams of becoming Ernest Hemingway with a bottle of rum in a grass hut on a beach in Cuba. He enjoyed writing but didn't have many stories to tell. Instead he saw pictures so he took up painting. He painted all the time and went to art school. He learned how to cover large canvases with enveloping layers of color and in doing so earned a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute. However, soon after graduating he found that he had run out of space to store all of the paintings. It was at this point that he discovered printmaking and fell in love. Intaglio printing came first; screen printing, woodblock printing, and letterpress followed. Now, nearly thirty years from the young writer's dream Bryan has found that he does have some stories to tell and is using all of the skills that he has picked up along the way as he plays with making books.