The Fire Within by Julia Ferrari

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A poem by Dan Carr with three woodcuts by Julia Ferrari created after hiking the Rattlesnake Mountains along the western edge of Squam Lake, New Hampshire. Squam, a large lake north of the more widely known Winnipesaukee, was featured in "On Golden Pond." It has many coves and several islands and consists of two connected lakes. The early Algonquin name meant highland goose lake. Poem by Dan Carr, typography and metal type designed by Dan Carr, art by Julia Ferrari. This is the first showing of the lower case of Regulus, a type cut by hand by the poet, with a different fit for the letters. The images are an exploration of the intersection of different times, of the enduring and the transitory, of the overlapping spheres of the ancient, the present and the future. The images and the poem were directly inspired by the experience of visiting Squam.

Artist Bio

I got involved in letterpress in 1976, in Boston, with the Four Zoas Press and have never stopped my involvement. At that time we used the term, "the Whole Art of Language" to describe the press, as we were poets, and artists, interested in letterforms and language. In 1979 I became a partner and co-owner of Golgonooza Letter Foundry & Press, a press with the capacity to cast metal type via Monotype. In 1982 we moved all the presses and casters to New Hampshire. There I am currently running the press alone, having lost my partner, Dan Carr, in 2012, but dedicated to continuing the whole art of language. I am a letterpress (metal types) printer, poet, bookbinder, and visual artist.