The Fall by Bryan Kring

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Carpe diem. What’s the point? It sounds like good advice; life is short, make the most of it. But does it really matter if you do or don’t? An astronaut falls from his spaceship. Will he find the answer before he hits the earth? Will it matter if he does? The core philosophy in this little diorama is an unresolved tug of war between meaning, which can be found in the moments of life, and the meaningless, into which everything is ultimately rendered by death. A short video of this work can be seen here.

Artist Bio

Bryan Kring is a graphic designer, letterpress printer and book artist in Oakland, California. He was first featured here at 23 Sandy in our Pop Up Now! show in October of 2010. When I was in my early twenties I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to be Ernest Hemingway with a bottle of rum in a grass hut on a beach in Cuba. I liked writing but I didn’t have any stories to tell. Instead I saw pictures so I took up painting. I went to art school and filled my home with canvases. When I ran out of space I turned to printmaking. I was seduced by the beauty of ink and paper and explored first etching and then later letterpress printing. Now, in my forties, as I play in the book arts I am having fun connecting the circle back to the writing.