The Ecstasy: Contour, Gesture, Value, Perspective by Inga Dubay

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The concept for this book began many years ago with my interest in John Donne’s poem The Ecstasy when I realized the first three stanzas perfectly describe the creative process: "...and pictures in our eyes to get was all our propagation." At the 2010 All Oregon Calligraphers Conference, I presented the keynote address titled Calligraphy & Drawing: A Synergistic Relationship. The four aspects I describe which relate to both calligraphy and drawing are contour, gesture, value, and perspective. These four aspects dovetailed with Donne’s poem and they became one in my mind, hence the inspiration for this book. The pages with the poem’s first three stanzas are interwoven with the four aspects of calligraphy and drawing on transparent fold-out pages.

Artist Bio

Inga Dubay's work encompasses calligraphy, painting, drawing, and printmaking. She taught at the Oregon College of Art & Craft for 25 years and Book Arts Department Head for six years. She studied at Mills College, University of Oregon and the Art Academy in Oslo, Norway. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally in juried and invitational exhibitions. Her work has been published in Letter Arts Review, and Lettering Arts. She has presented numerous workshops including international calligraphy conferences. She currently teaches at Sitka Center for Art & Ecology and at Portland State University. She was featured on OPB's Art Beat and her essay was an Op-Ed in The New York Times. Inga studied calligraphy with Lloyd Reynolds & Lois McClelland. She is co-author of Italic Letters, Write Now, Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting Series and the DVD Write Now!. Inga and Barbara Getty have presented 168 handwriting seminars for medical professionals. They have been featured on ABC, CBS. NBC, PBS, NPR, and in numerous newspaper and magazine articles.