The E.A.C.H. Way to Speak by Zoe Waller —PURCHASE PRIZE AWARD!

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I made this book to capture how my grandmother, Elizabeth Ann Crockett Hicks, connects to others by using certain phrases and terms of endearment. It is also a how-to for anyone that wishes to speak like my grandmother, by showing phrases she has used for decades. This book relates to the Blood Quantum theme because it is a preservation of my family history. I wanted the pictures I used to reflect how my grandmother would look saying the words on that page. E.A.C.H. is quite humorous for some because these phrases are how you think of her, if you know her. —PURCHASE PRIZE AWARD!

Artist Bio

Zoe Waller, originally from Los Angeles, is a nineteen year-old student studying Psychology at Northern Virginia Community College. She is a self-taught bookmaker and has been making her own books since 2013. Life-changing events, such as the death of her mother, and preserving family history, have been her inspirations so far. Zoe has been inspired by the book arts of Ruth E.Edwards, Edward Hutchins, and Carol Barton. Zoe enjoys collecting pop up books and creating art by doing needlepoint on plastic canvas.