The Diabolical Evolution of the Chicken by Laura Ladendorf -SOLD OUT!

The Chicken feeds us - and, in soup form, even feeds our soul. But what have we done to the chicken? The human habit of manipulating our own food sources traces back over eons and across cultures. Quite moveable, this book squawks, scratches, and falls within the confines of a fence-like accordion structure with hexagon pages set on wooden dowels. The text, based in fact, is a loose timeline letterpressed from my handwriting along the inside pages. Selectively skimming thousands of years of chicken history it closes with the final days of the tragically short life of a modern hybridized meat bird. Centered on the timeline is a popup of a meat bird. And on a lighter note - printed along the reverse, are many common sayings inspired by chickens. Inspired by a statement about modern hybrid chickens being bred to live a mere 5-7 weeks I found great references in an article by Smithsonian for the timeline.

Artist Bio

Laura Ladendorf is a designer, illustrator and book artist living in Asheville, NC. Currently working as studio manager at Asheville BookWorks, a book and print studio, Laura has been able to pursue studies in print, paper and artist books since 2009. In artist books her illustration work has found a home and the content often reflects both personal and political interests.