The Day I Met George by Don Drake

$280.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
The Day I Met George is my story about one morning in the studio, a chance encounter, and the inescapable intrusion of a fundamental truth into events. I've embedded this dark drama in a flip book. This delightful form is typically a vehicle for humorous content. In combination with my short story, this flip-animation takes on a dark and ominous inevitability. video-link Click here to see a video of this book in action.  

Artist Bio

After 13 years of doing commission bindings, Don Drake has narrowed his focus to book arts. He was initially drawn to binding by the functional elegance and mechanical mystery of books. He favors books for his artwork because they bring the extra dimension of time. He looks to music for clues about how to translate time based narrative into emotional experience. Viewing the sequence of pages as a source of rhythm, he uses structure and material to manipulate this time-element to amplify emotion in his work. He often writes poetry or prose for his books and frequently draws imagery and ideas from science. Don Drake is also a frequent collaborator, finding excitement and challenge in the dynamic and sometime contentious melding of visions. Photographers are his most frequent partners; though he states "Recently I've had my line in the water for a print maker. I think I feel a nibble."