The Book of Tea by Patricia Grass

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This Japanese book and Japanese book box are the first in a series of studies focusing on shifu, the Japanese art of spinning and weaving paper. The cloth that covers the book and box is woven from paper on a ridged heddle loom. The warp of the cloth is pine paper, a recycled paper yarn used to make an obi sash and linen paper wrapped In silk. The weft yarn is the same with the addition of irregularly spun lotka and handspun Tassar silk for the box cover fabric. All the threads were dyed with either walnut, logwood, cutch, chestnut, or tannin.

Artist Bio

Patricia Grass has taught bookbinding for 25 years and has authored a book, How To Make A Book Even If You Think You Can't. She operates a book arts supply store, the Accidental BookMaker, and teaches from her studio in Forest Grove, OR.