The Bone Garden by Mari Eckstein Gower

I began The Bone Garden in July, 2015 while I was undergoing physical therapy after knee replacement surgery. It was a difficult recovery period and I felt depressed and broken. I was housebound when I desperately wished I could escape. That summer was especially hot and I couldn't shake the feeling of being trapped in my house. When I looked out my windows it seemed that the weeds were growing before my eyes, completely taking over the garden. The worst part was, at that time I physically could do nothing about it. So, I turned to art for a way to remind myself that even broken things can be rebuilt: knees can mend, souls can be revived, and gardens, eventually tended. It helped me greatly to realize my 'imprisonment' was only temporary and I would be active and out in the world again.

Artist Bio

Mari Eckstein Gower lives and works on her artist books in Redmond, WA. She incorporates her love of images and words in her artwork, experimenting with new forms for combining the two. She studied painting and humanities at Scripps College and Claremont Graduate University.