The Best Season by Jeanne McMenemy - SOLD!


Wu-Men was a Chinese Zen master who lived from 1183-1260. This is a contemporary treatment of his words, but the poem has a timeless quality and great appeal for me.

Artist Bio

Jeanne McMenemy moved to the Walla Walla Valley from Portland, Oregon in 1976 and opened Calligraphica, a calligraphy and design studio in 1982. She began the study of calligraphy as a high school student in Portland in the 1960s. The love of letters in their infinite variety and possibility has remained a constant throughout her life, and runs through all her creative work. Calligraphy teachers have included Jenny Groat, Gottfried Pott, Stan Knight, Marilyn Reaves and William Stewart, among others. Michael McPherson was her first calligraphy teacher; she considers Jenny Groat her most influential mentor. Both were students of Lloyd Reynolds at Reed College, though 25 years apart. Jeanne's does calligraphic work by commission and produces calligraphy and graphic design for a wide variety of clients. She has collaborated with her husband, sculptor Wayne Chabre on several public art commissions. Occasionally she combines her calligraphy with his drawings in her greeting cards. She most often interprets the words of others, but sometimes writes out her own poetry, as in the piece, "Driving Home." She is a student of yoga and a Buddhist meditator, a gardener and a sometime violinist. She and Wayne have one son, Ara.