The Author of This Book Committed Suicide by Aaron Krach

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From July 19 to 26, 2012, I checked out every available book in the New York Public Library (NYPL) by an author who committed suicide. I stamped each book with this information and exhibited the stack of books as a sculpture. When the show was over, I returned the slightly-vandalized books to the library, dispersing the piece into the world. Before returning the books, I scanned every title page. These scans make up the book and show where I stamped each page.

Artist Bio

Aaron Krach is an artist who collects rocks, words, photographs, earrings, plants, friends, postcards, off-the-shelf hardware, and detritus both digital and analogue. He mixes, destroys, builds, and rebuilds these into sculptures, images, installations, actions, and books. Aaron asks questions. What is time? Do you still love me? How does freedom exist? His questions have appeared in museums, on bumper stickers, and billboards, in newspaper advertisements and on cups filled with champagne. His t-shirts have been sold at the New Museum. His first novel, "Half-Life," was published by Alyson. Printed Matter, NYC, featured his art books and the Library at MoMA collects them. "The Author of This Book Committed Suicide (NYPL)" was featured in a recent presentation there. "Green on Blue," a triptych was made possible through a grant from the Puffin Foundation. "Installments" created with Margaret Rizzio, is now in its 4th edition. He lives in New York City.