The Art of Pulp Painting Portfolio No.7 from Hand Papermaking, Inc.

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This juried collection features seventeen artists who have created distinctive handmade paper works utilizing paper pulp as a painting medium.

Within the broad field of handmade paper art, pulp painting is an emerging specialty attracting many artists with backgrounds in painting, drawing, printmaking, and other disciplines. To create a pulp painting, specially prepared pulps are applied to a freshly made sheet of handmade paper in a number of ways, sometimes with the aid of stencils, sometimes freehand, resulting in a finished sheet of paper that fully incorporates the image. The synthesis of substrate, medium, and image is a unique characteristic of the pulp painting medium, allowing artists to work not merely on paper, but in paper.

The jury for this portfolio selected entries that demonstrate the equal importance of visual image and well-made paper. Working with a wide variety of fibers and all manner of implements from common stencils and shaped deckles to obscure dental tools, the selected artists explore some familiar themes (abstracted nature, vessel forms, spiritual issues) and also investigate the strange and unfamiliar (Fibonacci numbers, microscopy, carnivorous plants).

A handbound booklet contains statements from each artist and a commissioned essay by the esteemed Jane Glaubinger, Curator of Prints at The Cleveland Museum of Art. Ms. Glaubinger has organized and written catalogs for numerous exhibitions on prints and works on paper, including the influential "Paper Now: Bent, Molded, and Manipulated" in 1986.

Featured Artists
The artists featured in the portfolio are Laurence Barker, Shannon Brock, Wendy Cain, Kathryn Clark, Susan Gosin, Lois James, Bobbie Lippman, Bridget O'Malley, Dawn Peterson, Ken Polinskie, Margaret Prentice, Victòria Rabal, Beverly Sky, Peter Sowiski, Lynn Sures, Cynthia Thompson, Beck Whitehead, and Paul Wong.

Artist Bio

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