The Animals' Entry into Jerusalem by Susan Collard -SOLD!

I have long been fond of medieval and Renaissance art and architecture. As a book artist who most often works in wood, I'm especially intrigued by multi-panel altarpieces and hinged icons. I've done a couple of folding triptychs in the past, and think of them as books in a very elemental form. For this piece, I turned a set of five furniture scraps into a pentaptych, letting the material dictate the size and chunky proportions. My narrative starting point was Christ's entry into Jerusalem. Following the lead of James Ensor, maybe, I ended up with a dark retelling of that triumphal scene. In this piece, humans are conspicuously absent, but their mark is everywhere. A prayer in the animals' voice, scratched into the four side panels, provides the key to a quietly apocalyptic narrative.

Artist Bio

Susan Collard is a Portland book artist and architect whose firm, In-House Architecture, focuses on residential remodeling. Her books are typically one-of-a-kind constructions incorporating collage, unexpected materials, and invented forms. A licensed architect since 1989, she holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University and an MFA in poetry from the University of Arizona. Her books been exhibited widely since 1991, and are in the collections of a number of major libraries, such as Emory, Stanford, Yale, the University of Washington, and the University of Oregon.