The Accessible Oregon Coast by Sue Clancy

$300.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
An artist documents, by hand, a trip to the Oregon Coast in effort to find beaches along the Oregon Coast where a friend with mobility issues could get close to the sea. The artist created these illustrated pages, on location using ink and watercolors on a paper tablet she balanced on her knee, to both mark a visit with dear friends and so that her friend who had to walk slowly and carefully would not feel rushed. Find a video of this book in action here.

Artist Bio

Sue Clancy's artist books and hand dyed paper collages incorporate her own original concepts, designs, drawings and writings. Both her fine art and her artist books have been purchased by many public institutions, like the UCLA Fine Arts Library in California, and also many private collectors. Awards such as the Zolli Page Award for Papermaking have been won consistently. She is represented by the 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland Or, the Caplan Art Designs in Portland Oregon, The Joseph Gierek Fine Art Gallery in Tulsa Oklahoma. You can see more about her work at