Thank You Book #1 - GBW Tacoma

Thank You Books are a series of books celebrating the first 10 years of 23 Sandy. All free, open-edition books, perhaps one-sheet wonders, perhaps not. But, all aimed at thanking the oh so many artists, librarians, visitors and supporters of the gallery.

Book #1 in this series of thank you books was made as a keepsake for the Guild of Bookworkers Standards Conference held in late October in Tacoma, Washington. I have been a member of the Guild of Bookworkers for nearly 20 years and it was great fun to hand out the books to my many guild friends and say thank you for the inspiration, education and support. The photos in the book are vintage "Roadside Americana" in Tacoma, Washington.

This book is a four-sided, one-sheet carousel book adapted from Ed Hutchins’ Book Dynamics. (Order your copy and get to know this superstar book artist and all-around great guy at Ed was an early teacher and friend in my book arts world and his work continues to inspire after all these years. Thank you, Ed.



You can download a free PDF of the GBW Tacoma book here or by clicking on the thumbnail. Print on 11 x 17 inch paper then follow the step-by-stop instructions to cut and fold into the miniature carousel book shown above. I printed mine at Staples on 67# card stock for about a buck and they look great. You could also reduce to fit on whatever size paper fits in your own printer for an even smaller miniature book.

Thank you, Laura

Artist Bio

Laura Russell is a photographer and book artist who creates hand-bound, limited-edition artist books that incorporate photographs of our urban landscape and tell a story about our culture and our communities. She has participated in national and international book arts and fine art exhibitions. Her books are collected by individual collectors and are in major collections at museums, libraries, universities and corporations. Laura is also the founder of 23 Sandy Gallery, a fine art gallery in Portland, 2007-2020, which is now owned and operated by Erin Mickelson.