Teach Your Children: Lessons from Our Leaders by K. Nelson (Katie) Harper

This lotus book was actually conceived in 2002 as a visual, tactile and textual exploration of the role models being set by our elected leaders. The story is told in lessons, worded and presented as in a children’s book. Background text reveals quotes by politicians, leaders, pundits and humorists, revealing the truth behind the lessons. The book has been updated to reflect the ongoing timelessness of political madness and idiocy. Some of the comments and quotes embedded in the red of the bunting hark back to the 1800s. So it goes...

Artist Bio

K. Nelson Harper (aka Katie) has been a working artist and designer for some 40 years, specializing in photography, graphic design, printmaking, letterpress and book arts. She holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, as well as an MFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Harper’s work includes explorations into photography and printmaking, as well as award-winning letterpress and book arts. Many of her works are represented in public and private collections around the country. Harper is currently an associate professor at the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith, where she specializes in teaching graphic design and book arts, She also director of Underground Ink, the letterpress/book arts studio at the UAFS Windgate Art & Design Building.