Tansu Gothic by Randi Parkhurst

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I have a life-long interest in small boxes, puzzles and well-crafted handmade things. It took 8 months for me to birth this complex creation: everything is handcrafted. Inspired by Japanese cabinetry, Tansu, and its history, the structure has over 300 hardware pieces, handcrafted of paper. Included are two accordion books, one featuring drawings of Japanese cabinetry tools, the other details of Tansu structural elements. Hidden inside are hand bound books which tell the tragic story of the Meireki fire of 1657, using cut paper images to convey the tale. A unique 3-panel folding map of Edo (ancient Tokyo), a tiny abacus made of paper and glass beads, 3 pairs of peddler's boxes with their bamboo carriers, intricate folding paper globes, myriad drawers, piano hinged doors, secret compartments accessible by removable spires and more. I made two miniature Tansu structures hidden inside one-another like puzzles, complete with functional drawers and doors. Watch a video of Tansu Gothic in action here.

Artist Bio

Randi Parkhurst lives and works from her studio in Olympia, WA. She specializes in miniature, interactive book and box structures. Her work is featured in the rare book collections of The Evergreen State College, University of Puget Sound and numerous private collections. Her work is on permanent exhibition at the Penland School of Crafts. Randi's book art is featured in 1000 Artists' Books: Exploring The Book As Art, Quarry Books, and 500 Artists' Books, Vol. 2, Lark Books. Her recent workshops have been held at the Penland School of Crafts (2011), Focus On Book Arts Conference (2013), Seattle Center For Book Arts (2009), Green Heron Book Arts (2013). Randi is a member of Book Arts Guild, WA, Guild of Book Workers (Northwest Chapter), North Redwoods Book Artists (CA) and Puget Sound Book Artists, Tacoma, WA.