Taking the Soup by Bessie Smith Moulton

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Nearly every social event is around food, whether it is two family members sitting down together or a lavish wedding celebration. Each culture uses food to heal, celebrate, nurture, honor, welcome, commemorate, bind, sanctify, control, or even wound. Because food is our most basic necessity, it bonds us to each other and to the earth. Throughout history food has had power and meaning beyond the mundane. Whatever the association, food as symbol, connection, power or weapon, most of us experience food on more than one level.

Artist Bio

Bessie's artists' books explore a wide range of themes...many inspired by her travels. In some way they all investigate her main interest in origins: of words, religions, colors, foodways and many other things often taken for granted. Her educational background and experience in the fields of psychology, fine arts, art education and art therapy led her to this ideal medium for personal expression. Bessie's artists' books are in the collections of museums, libraries and private collections internationally.