Sweepings by M. L. Van Nice -SOLD!

It's an alarmingly short passage from the so-called sacred to the profane. It's a transport generally derived, I think, from the excesses of orthodoxy the sacred made manifest and nowhere is it more pronounced and poisonous than in matters of religion. Religion, of course, lays claim to the sacred, but once it is codified i.e.,once the rules of the religion are written, the orthodoxy established the sacred becomes very much the petty stuff of humans. As we know, humans are quite fine in many regards, but they are also pugnacious, territorial, and smug. And especially so when they think they have the ear of the Lord. Sweeping is simply the visual trope of the tendency in religion (in this case Christianity, this is a Gideon Bible) to consider the riddles solved and answers known. All loose ends, countervailing forces, differences, and other perceived contaminants are swept up and away and are done with. The Bible then, as avenging broom and, if you ask me, thoroughly profane.

Artist Bio

Van Nice has been a professional artist for some forty years. She has exhibited widely, nationally and internationally, and has pieces in the permanent collections of the Houghton Library at Harvard, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Smithsonian Institution,and numerous private collections. She lives and works in Somerville, Massachusetts.