Sunken Heart by Bryan Kring - Deluxe Edition

$385.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
Every year over 10,000 shipping containers are lost overboard. They are often abandoned and allowed to sink to the ocean floor. Like crumbs from a feast, a trail of commodities of every conceivable sort litters the ocean floor beneath the shipping lanes: dress shirts and basketball shoes, appliances and home furnishings, all the things we work so hard to consume. In this story, a man has forsaken the surface world and attempts to build a life below, where all of the world’s manufactured blessings lie for the taking.

Artist Bio

Bryan Kring paints, draws, prints, and sometimes writes stories. He also enjoys tinkering and making small mechanisms. These are his passions and he is able to indulge them all in his book arts work. Many of his pieces resemble movable paper toys and are multi-layered constructions which entwine intaglio, letterpress and hand painted elements. He spends far too much time painting and cutting tiny bits of paper in his Oakland studio though he appears to be relatively content.