Subject-Verb-Object by Ellen Knudson

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The concept behind the book stems from the frustration and anger I feel towards art criticism and other academic writing. Academic language seems intended to control its audience, exclude "outsiders", and is not meant to clarify the subject for a reader. It takes the beauty and passion out of language and, in turn, out of people. Subject/Verb/Object pokes at this idea by doing something similar: it uses simplistic language and structure to force the reader to attempt a visual organization of the things we cannot put in order: our desires.

Artist Bio

Ellen Knudson is a book artist / designer producing handmade books under the imprint Crooked Letter Press. She is currently an Associate in Book Arts at The University of Florida. She holds an MFA in Book Arts from The University of Alabama and produces handmade books under the imprint Crooked Letter Press. Ellen has been a book artist for twelve years and a professional graphic designer for 20 years including graphic design positions at The Art Institute of Chicago and The Detroit Institute of Arts. She has taught letterpress printing and Book Arts at The University of Florida, letterpress printing at The University of Alabama, graphic design at Mississippi State University and at Wayne State University, and letterpress & book arts workshops around the country. Her work is in the collections of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (CA), Yale University (CT), Duke University (NC), and many other national and international collections. Her book Wild Girls Redux: An Operator’s Manual (2009) was the recipient of the 2009 Florida Artists’ Book Prize. Her most recent work is Subject Verb Object, a volvelle book about the frustration of language. Crooked Letter Press can be viewed at