Spirit Book # 54: Awakened Guidance by Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord

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The Spirit Books bring together my love of the book and my response to the natural world that we see and the invisible one that lies behind it. I feel a deep connection to older powers as I gather twigs, branches, vines, and roots. Using them to cradle books, I link them to the long-standing tradition of books as testaments of faith and belief. Each page is a meditation that echoes nature with both repetition and variety. "Reading" the book is meant to be a contemplative experience that takes the reader out of the everyday world and into a state of gratitude and reverence. Guidance refers to the star that the Wise Men followed with their gift of myrrh. This book was awakened from its rest as an unused part of an earlier book.

Artist Bio

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord discovered the book form in 1988 after ten years of work in the field of calligraphy. She was attracted by its intimacy, humility, and adaptability. Her most significant bookwork is The Spirit Books. Susan made her first in 1992 and has now collected 34 of them in a paperback book with evocative images and explanations of the inspiration behind each one. The Spirit Books have been in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the US and in Canada and Korea, including the Center for Book Arts in New York City; the University of Indiana Art Gallery in Indianapolis; the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and the Seungnam Book Fair in Seungnam, Korea. They have been featured in 1,000 Artists' Books, 500 Handmade Books, 500 More Handmade Books, Cover to Cover, and Handmade Books And Cards as well as the magazines Somerset Studio, Fiberarts, and Urthona: Buddhism in the Arts.