Spectrum of Diversity by Meryl Perloff

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Just as the removal of a book from its slipcase allows access to information, so this unique volume symbolically illuminates the spectrum of diversity in our culture. The pop-up cylinder created on a 3-D printer serves as the element that activates a rainbow of colored lights displayed sequentially through the pierced pattern of the book's cover. A collage of many colors echoes the theme of this book that represents the exposure of and attention to the LGBTQ community as a valuable expression of the breadth of variety that comprises the world in which we live. The inclusion of a broad spectrum of human conditions enhances the richness of the fibers that are woven into the fabric of our lives. The project is constructed of binders board, handmade papers and LED lights, battery-powered to produce a changing landscape activated by viewer interaction.

Artist Bio

An artist's book explores the landscape of the traditional definition of a book and allows pursuit of the limitless directions to which those functions can apply. Perloff has always been drawn to sculptural objects and that focus persists with the creation of her books. Devising a structure that creates a visual dialog with the viewer engages the artist in a process both private and public. An unconventional approach to sharing content permeates her bookforms and she finds movement to be a desirable quality for adding dimension to books. Objects that pivot and rotate invite interest and inspire amusement with their use. A sense of whimsy is valued, injecting a sense of unpredictability. The abandon of skipping hand-in-hand with a childhood playmate is an attitude Perloff strives to maintain in her work. Incorporating the recollection of that feeling informs her books with the ability to recreate that memory in others.