Specimen 0527: Stages I–V by Karen Hardy - SOLD!


The drawings in Specimen 0527 reflect my fascination with the curiosities of the natural world. There are compelling narratives to be found in any natural environment: in a pile of rotting leaves, deep in the ocean, among the micro-organisms under a fingernail. The beauty and potential for metaphor inherent in these ongoing dramas and cycles is my source of inspiration. I chose to depict this invented species on translucent handmade paper to emphasize the concepts of transience and metamorphosis that I sought to capture. The flax and abaca fibers have an organic quality that mirrors the content of the book.

Artist Bio

Karen Hardy is a papermaker and printmaker currently enrolled in the Book Arts & Printmaking MFA Program at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She has served as Letterpress Associate at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Artist-in-Residence at The Southwest School of Art, and as an intern at The Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory. Her work has been part of national and international exhibitions, including, in 2012, the Seoul International Book Fair (Korea) and the Artists’ Book Project International Book Fair (Marseille, France).