Soil Core #1 by Lucia Harrison

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During the Winter 2012, I had the opportunity to dig soil pits with students from The Evergreen State College. I came to appreciate how the beautiful layers of the soil reveal the history of the land and dynamic ecological processes. The rich organic layer is broken down by many diverse species of macro invertebrates and microorganisms. Deeper layers reveal evidence of volcanic eruption, fire, and water moved clay deposits. I hope my work draws attention to our region's most precious and often under appreciated resource: the soil.

Artist Bio

Lucia Harrison is a visual artist who lives in Tacoma and Olympia, Washington. Through artist books, paintings, and drawings, she explores the natural and human history of South Puget Sound where she grew up. She teaches art at The Evergreen State College in interdisciplinary programs that combine visual art and science. Her team teaching with colleagues in botany, geology, ecology, marine biology, soil science, and history of science has inspired and deepened her understanding and appreciation for intricate ecological processes that link organisms with their environment.