Snow in the Grand Canyon by Elizabeth Curren

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Snow in the Grand Canyon. This tunnel book was created from photographs taken on the morning of March 22, 2011, after an overnight snowfall had dusted the tops of the rock formations and iced the foot trails down into the canyons. We were on the south rim, shivering and amazed, transfixed by the sheer immensity of the landscape, and intensely aware that this was just a nanosecond of geologic time.

Artist Bio

Elizabeth Curren is a painter and writer; she has an MA in Art and the Book from the Corcoran College of Art + Design; her undergraduate degrees are in fine art and Irish literature. A native Rhode Islander, she comes from a large family of voracious readers and relentless storytellers. Exploring themes of coastal landscapes, cartography, dreams and mythology, her artist's books, both unique and in small editions, incorporate watercolor, collagraphs, block printing and movable parts. Her books are in national and international public and private collections. She lives and works in Bethesda, Maryland.