Snow Flakes by Susan Angebranndt

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No one really knows why Emily Dickinson started to bind clean copies of her poems into little booklets or fascicles in 1858. What is clear is that 1858 was the year she got serious about writing poetry. Perhaps, at the age of 28, she knew marriage and child rearing weren't for her, and she needed an avocation. So she chose poetess. This book, using Dickinson's early poem Snow Flakes, imagines her decision to embark on her poetic journey. Snow Flakes, one of the rare poems she titled, is bound in her first fascicle from 1858. The poem is written in a hand-designed face inspired by Dickinson's own script. Designed, printed and bound by Susan Angebranndt. Snow flakes BY EMILY DICKINSON I counted till they danced so Their slippers leaped the town – And then I took a pencil To note the rebels down – And then they grew so jolly I did resign the prig – And ten of my once stately toes Are marshalled for a jig!

Artist Bio

At Green Chair Press, Susan Angebranndt combines her love of type, poetry and old cranky machines to make fine press books, miniatures and ephemera. The fine press work centers on limited-edition "poem books." This intense focus, together with a design, structure, materials and artwork that speak to the text, aims to give the reader a deeper experience of the poetry. Her books are in collections across the US.