Small Green Memes by Barb Van Dusen

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Small Green Memes is a short book giving a few easy practices to add to a green lifestyle. It is hoped that the reader will try an idea and pass it on. Although this is an edition of five, each book is bound using a different method. Each book includes organic sweet bell pepper seeds and three of my recipes for using fresh-from-the-garden ingredients. The book shown in the photos here was bound using both Coptic and decorative stuffed binding techniques.

Artist Bio

Barb's grandmother shared art journaling with her before she even started school. Her mother gave her a love of making everything needed in daily life, and making it uniquely hers. Recent relief and letterpress printing classes near her home in north central Florida combined with several years of bookbinding classes encouraged Barb to set a new direction - artist books. Barb and her husband Steve live on a small farm where they are continually learning about the ways of nature. Barb wants to share some of the most personally rewarding discoveries with as many others as possible. She feels it is important for those who can to return to the ways of generations past, becoming more connected to the earth that sustains us.