Sleepers, Dreamers & Screamers by Emily Martin

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An accordion pop-up book, printed letterpress with hard covers enclosed in a matching clamshell box. The pop-ups are constructed of a variety of papers including a cotton and gampi paper made for the project by Bridget O’Malley of Cave Paper. The complete text is “We’ve all had nightmares. Vivid as they may be there is always that sweet release upon waking. But what happens when events in our waking lives surpass even our most horrific dreams. Where is our release now? ”This book was begun in 2001 and derailed by events of September 11, 2001. The text was rewritten in the aftermath and finally completed.

Artist Bio

Emily Martin has been exploring the relationship between format and content for many years in her work. She often combines letterpress printed images and text with movable and/or sculptural book forms using a variety of traditional and experimental techniques. She has held artist’s residencies at the Center for Book Arts, New York City (2002); Lawrence University (2012), the Penland School of Crafts (2014), The University of Florida, Gainesville (2015); and most recently was printer in residence at the Bodleian Libraries in Oxford, England (2018). She teaches bookbinding and paper engineering classes at the University of Iowa Center for the Book and has taught many workshops across the United States, in England, and In Chile. She received a silver medal from the Designer Bookbinders for her book The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet (2012), and her book The Tragedy of King Lear was a semi-finalist for the Minnesota Center for Book Arts Artists Book award (2020). Her work is in collections world-wide including The Library of Congress, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National Library in the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the National Gallery in Washington, DC.