Side Effects May Include But Are Not Limited to the Following by Karen Zimmerman - SOLD

This book is a response to a two-year dive into the world of mental illness, the healthcare system, and the pharmaceutical system that one learns to navigate in a mental health crisis. The profound affects of a serious mental illness are staggering. This is a book about the fine print.

Artist Bio

Karen Zimmermann is a an artist, designer, and educator. She is Professor in the University of Arizona, School of Art, Illustration & Graphic Design Division. Previously, Karen taught at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Karen has received numerous grants and awards including an Arizona Project Grant by the Arizona Commission of the Arts, UA Deans fund for Excellence, and UA Faculty Fellowship. She is an elected member on the American Institute of Graphic Art Design Education Committee and the College Book Art Association. She has shown her artwork internationally and her book work and prints are in many collections. Karen's practice includes activities in lettepress printing, writing, graphic design, and art. Her writing has been published in The Education of a Graphic Designer, The Education of an E Designer,The Education of a Motion Designer", JAB (Journal of Artists' Books), Design Education in Progress: Methodology and Process, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Zed and Inform. Her artwork examines the relationship between art, design, culture, and technology within the context of the environment. More recently her research has produced visual works that examine, compare, and contrast visual and typographic signs in public and private spaces from both sides of the Arizona/Mexico border. Karen received her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University.