Siblings by Heidi Kirkpatrick -SOLD!

Heidi Kirkpatrick works with alternative processes to create unique photo objects. Siblings, one of the rare pieces made by Heidi using a male figure, is a film positive of an image of my father in law, Jim Kirkpatrick, and his sister, Virginia. As she tells Lenscratch (January 4 2012), "I am in love with film. All of my work is made with film. I shoot on film. I print on film. I do all of my own work in my darkroom. I like it dripping off my elbows. I do not use a lot of fancy equipment. My "models" are the people who are closest to me, my family and friends. I love layering the film positives over anything and everything I can think of or find. My studio is filled with found objects that inspire me, and photographs, lots and lots of photographs." Read the full article here.

Artist Bio

Heidi Kirkpatrick is an established fine art photographer and educator based in Portland Oregon. Kirkpatrick's work often depicts a view of the world experienced by women and expresses this through her use of various photographic processes. Kirkpatrick applies film positives onto objects such as vintage children's blocks, dominos, mahjong tiles, ashtrays, copper plates and tins creating unique photo objects that take on a new life. Kirkpatrick has exhibited widely over the last ten years and her work is included in numerous private and public collections including The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, Springfield Museum of Art, Ohio and The Ogden Museum of Southern art, New Orleans, Louisiana.