Shared Illusion by Bryan Kring

Shared Illusion presents a view of the world as a dream. A woodblock print on a single sheet of Japanese washi spirals around a hand-painted paper moon, a bird, and a fish, encased in a glass dome. In the story, the characters are each the subject, and the author, of the others’ dreams. As the crank on the side is turned, the figures can be glimpsed through the portals in the paper as they spin, fly, and swim.

Artist Bio

Book artist Bryan Kring starts with a simple object or idea and unleashes stories and pictures that are at once whimsical and profound, often with moving parts, windows, and other surprises. He creates small objects which charm and engage people in an intimate way. He generally makes things that can fit in your hands and which offer a brief sojourn into his invented world. A printmaker and graphic designer, he found his way to book art via painting and drawing — he holds a BFA in both from the San Francisco Art Institute — and creative writing.