Seven Observations by Katharine DeLamater

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In Seven Observations, sheets of handmade paper unfurl as the viewer opens the box. In absence of an audience, the poems are hidden within the enclosure, like the other-worldly cave formations that exist unseen until illuminated by lamplight. The seven-stanza poem is printed on handmade abaca papers that have been tinted using pigment washes and viscous overbeaten cotton fiber applied with formation aid. The paper of this book requires close examination, its ethereal surface resembles etched rock or bone. Clues and evidence live within a ‘simple’ sheet of paper, just as they reside in the well-worn paths of our memories.

Artist Bio

Katharine Lark DeLamater is a hand papermaker and writer based in Brooklyn. She is currently the Art Director of Carriage House Paper. She received her MFA from the University of Iowa Center for the Book in 2020 and shortly thereafter was the West Bay View Fellow at Dieu Donné Papermill. Katharine first learned about hand paper making at Mount Holyoke College and went on to intern at Pace Paper, Dieu Donné, and the Boston Paper Collective. An Iowa Arts fellowship recipient, Katharine worked as a research assistant to Timothy Barrett at the Oakdale Paper Research Facility from 2018-2020. Katharine has taught classes at The University of Iowa Center for the Book, Dieu Donné Papermill, The Morgan Conservatory, and Polka! Press. Her work has been featured in portfolios including Hand Papermaking’s ‘Intergenerationality’ and Art and Literature Laboratory’s CSArt (2017). Her artists books are held in the special collections of Kenyon College, The Bainbridge Museum of Art, and private collections.