Seen // Unseen by Erin Mickelson

$380.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
Seen // Unseen is an expression of the vastness of all that is obscured, unnoticed, and unknown—compared with the limited amount of information we consider to be known and certain. Chine-colle suminagashi elements form the shape of an abstract iceberg. The tip of the iceberg is small, and the color palette is limited to mostly black and white. The submerged portion of the iceberg is larger and contains a multitude of colors, but it is obscured by a sheet of translucent velum. The print and the velum sheet are protected by an acrylic “title page”, and all elements are housed in a drop spine box.

Artist Bio

Erin Mickelson is an artist working under the imprint Broken Cloud Press. Her work includes artist books, printmaking, and new & mixed media. She earned her BFA with a concentration in book arts at Oregon College of Art & Craft, and holds a degree in graphic design as well. Erin includes both traditional techniques as well as digital & experimental processes in her work, which is held in various private and public collections—including the libraries of the Seattle Art Museum, Yale University, Reed College, Baylor University, and the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Erin is also the owner and director of 23 Sandy Gallery, a gallery featuring unique and limited edition artist books.