Ściana by KrzysztOFF SKAin May - SOLD!

Unique altered book object. Sciana translates to wall. Assemblage with found elements and accordion. KrysztOFF tells us, “alongside painting i think i always wrote so i started to illustrate my writings later also texts by other people for instance i have illustrated the spoon river anthology for myself still later came the time for mail art and anarchist-punk fanzines my writing texts grew and i wanted to publish a poetry book but a publisher wrote back that i must be living in a concentration camp if i wrote like this therefore i stick to making artist books greetings” A rough translation of selected text: I am standing at it banging it with my head standing at it aaaaa banging banging concrete with the hump of my head bleeding bleeding aaaaa wall freshly pained wall

Artist Bio

KrzysztOFF SKAin May is the son of a Warsaw "bikiniarz" (a Polish equivalent of stilyaga*) who for many years did not want to know about it, but the blood and genes eventually did their work. He's a painter, graphic artist, poet, songwriter, theatre set designer, dramaturg, performer, musician, journalist, "utilitarian" graphic designer, and recently a MC -- all in all he's a true total artist, but consistently an off-artist. He does not feel at home in our time, and because of this he mis-dates his works. In the 1980s and 1990s he went back a thousand years, and now he would like to live in 207 c.e. *Stilyagi was a derogatory name for members of a youth counterculture from the late 1940s until the early 1960s in the Soviet Union.