Sanctuary by Carrie Larson

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For this book, I wanted to explore my relationship to Christianity, the religion in which I was raised, rebelled against, and continue to question and consider. Handwritten elements narrate my own story, while letterpress-printed text expresses aspects of the liturgy or Biblical imperatives. I used a French Door structure to reinforce the sense of "entering in" to a sacred space or delving deeper into philosophical questions, while allowing for circular or contradictory thought to manifest on the opposing pages, depending on how the book is read. The paper cuts and inset decorative papers evoke the beauty of the sanctuary and, therein, the relationship both physical and symbolic to light.

Artist Bio

Carrie, a visual artist based in Hoquiam, Washington, was introduced to Book Arts as a means of expression during her education at Whitman College. This foundation continues to influence the entirety of her art practice--from the use of text and materials (paper, thread) to an emphasis on concept. Residences at Hypatia-in-the-Woods and Sitka Center for Art & Ecology have generously provided time and space to explore ideas and experiment with techniques. Her work has been included in "500 Handmade Books, Volume 2" and is in the collections of Baylor, Indiana, and Yale Universities.