Salt by Tekla McInerney

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During one particularly sleepless month, I recorded my dreams — the fleeting narratives that linger momentarily after waking up. The incongruous notes I made each morning were culled and ordered and eventually became Salt.

The ladder is missing.
I know the ladder is missing
because it is my dream I walk through —
backwards, effortlessly up a hill of tall grass
outstretched arms, green sash dangling from one hand
a crush of muttering hunched shoulders ahead
shuffling to where the ladder once was.
Pointless, my voice says — like sweeping table salt.

Artist Bio

Tekla McInerney is a printmaker, book artist, and graphic designer living in Florence, Massachusetts. Towns along the Connecticut River in western Massachusetts have always been her home. In 2020, she received a Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship/Finalist Award in drawing and printmaking. Her work is in many private collections as well as in the permanent collections of Hampshire College Library, Montefiore Medical Center, New York Public Library, Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, University of Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, University of Michigan, University of Utah Marriott Library Special Collections, University of Washington Library, Wheaton College, and Yale University Library. McInerney is a member of Zea Mays Printmaking studio in Florence, Massachusetts which is dedicated to safe and sustainable printmaking practices.