Saint Maximon by Bessie Smith Moulton

$1,500.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
While traveling in Guatemala I was introduced to the worship of a local saint who is said to be a blend of ancient Mayan gods, a fierce Guatemalan conquistador and the biblical Judas. A custom-made wooden box (8.25"x 6.5" x 2"), the title embossed in silver (PMC,) houses a black leather book folio "Bow Tie" binding, with a red foil, die-stamped title. The book contains iconographic representations of the dark saint of Guatemala, including photographs of his place of worship and translations of Spanish orations. The 16 pages of images and text illustrate the power of "St. Simon" and the reverence of his devotees. On the facing side of the box is a copy of an authentic votive, generally made by a curandero (medicine man) from talismanic materials readily available to the local worshipers. The votive is covered with a piece of hand-blown glass framed in lead. When the book is removed, it reveals an oration, which guides one through the use of the box as an altar.

Artist Bio

Bessie Smith Moulton's artist's books explore a wide range of themes. . .many inspired by her travels. In some way they all investigate her main interest in origins: of words, religions, superstitions, colors, and foodways. She finds the artist's book an ideal medium for melding her academic background and work experience in Psychology, Art Education, Fine Arts and Graphic Design. She hopes to engage the viewer in the magic and mystery of discovery. Bessie's books are in the collections of museums, libraries and private collections internationally. They have been widely exhibited and publicized.