Rusty by Mark Wangberg

$300.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
The Rusty book IS a Hedi Kyle structure, though it may be unknown as I don't think she named it or ever taught it. Hedi WILL recognize it, however, as I purchased her model at her home sale. It was in a box with many other models. When I visited Hedi this past September she remembered it, but didn't offer much encouragement about using it. I think it's one of her brilliant and simple solutions for making a book with folds. Make an accordion, fold a flap up, fold a flap down, leave a space in the middle for the content and the pressure of the folds holds it all together VOILA! For Rusty I added double-stick tape because of the weight of the metal, and sewed the covers on. In other models I've made there is no use of tape, and I've added simple covers using slightly heavier papers. Works great! Hedi's original model has spider patterned glassine for the folded accordion and pink handmade paper inside.

Artist Bio

Mark Wangberg has been developing unique ways to make books with natural materials and worked extensively with a Women's Co-Op in Iquitos, Peru, and a indigenous shaman in the Amazon rain forest. Working with bark cloth, natural threads & dyes, he has created exciting possibilities for Book Arts using these materials here & in the Amazon. Mark has been making books for over 40 years, studied with Hedi Kyle while completing his MFA in Book Arts & Printmaking at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and now maintains a studio in the San Rafael area. His books have been shown in national juried shows and his collaborative book is in 500 Handmade Books.