Rotationals by Sarah Klein

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Rotationals is a book expressing the kinetic aspects of the windmill as it relates to printmaking and animation. During a residency in the Netherlands I was inspired by the many modern and antique windmills in the Dutch landscape. The industrious windmills with four blades were exquisitely engineered to pump excess groundwater and grind grain. These days many of the four-vane windmills are no longer functioning. The contemporary three-blade wind turbine, dominates the landscape gathering renewable energy from the wind. In this book I abstracted the windmill vanes as a means to play with movement. Each page presents an image sequence of a windmill blade. The sequence can be animated through the mind's eye or by using a GIF app on a smart device.

Artist Bio

Sarah Klein creates narrative and abstract stop-motion animations with paper cutouts and live-action footage. In her screen-prints and books she reveals hidden animations through common and uncanny forms. Klein is inspired by pre-cinematic devices like the phenakistoscope, the first known animation device to display images in sequence and suggest motion, and also the proliferation of mobile apps for smart devices that provide an accessibility for making animations quickly and openly. Klein has exhibited and screened her work at an international selection of venues including De Vishal in Haarlem, NL, General Public in Berlin, DE, Institute of Contemporary Art in San Jose, CA and the Mill Valley Film Festival, Mill Valley, CA. Among her many honors are residencies at the Djerassi Resident Artist Program in Woodside, CA, Jentel Artist Residency Program in Banner, WY, McColl Center for the Arts, Charlotte, NC, and AGA LAB in Amsterdam, NL. She has received awards from the Zellerbach Family Foundation, Trust for Mutual Understanding, Awesome Foundation and Southern Exposure's Alternative Exposure Grant. She is the founder of the Stop & Go screening program that features animations by visual artists and filmmakers. She also curates for the San Francisco branch of the Peephole Cinema.