Rolling Down The Road by Dr. Bob Pliny

Oh what an amazing thing is is to be; to experience this unique existence as it continually shapes itself from countless sensations and ideas. I have noticed that people often seem to express their thoughts on the nature of being as if they were describing universal truths. Yet it seems clear to me that each of us experiences life very differently. For me, this idea explains why one person's truth is not necessarily true for anyone else. "Rolling Down The Road" might be thought of as a kind of existential travelogue. The book follows a little blue car as it makes its way through various experiences and ideas, each of which explores a different aspect around the experience of being. Rolling Down The Road suggests that each of us is responsible for developing our own subjective notions about what may be true, in our ongoing attempts to make sense of the world.

Artist Bio

In 2005 Dr. Pliny opened the Pliny Institute of Super Vision. He grew up in Salem, Oregon and currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his partner, Lucinda, and two Dachshunds. Dr. Pliny graduated with honors from The Cooper Union, NYC. At different times of his life Dr. Pliny has Dr. Bob Pliny has been making art his entire life. Most of the time the artwork produced by Dr. Bob Pliny features pen and ink and fine brush detail applied on layers of loosely applied acrylic paint. Gold leaf is sometimes used as well. The substrate is either paper or wood. Both surfaces are smooth enough to draw on that I'm able to use dip pens with India ink or liquid acrylic.