Rivers Under the Sahara By Marian Crane

Rivers Under the Sahara was inspired by the 1991 Rush song 'Dreamline', and one phrase from the songwriter Neal Peart: 'She's got a picture book of the rivers under the Sahara.'

Modern satellite imaging and new archaeology have traced the paths of ancient river systems under the Sahara's sands. I extrapolated some of those into topographical views of lush rivers in desert valleys. I embroidered the text of an original poem about the first human settlers of the Green Sahara. As our own climate changes, we face hotter years and spreading deserts of our own.

As with most of my book art pieces, this one is cloth-based, in linen as a homage to the fibers of ancient Egypt and northwest Africa. Most of the cloth, beads, and embroidery floss is recycled from thrift store finds or frame-shop remnants and estate sales.

Artist Bio

Marian Crane is a book and fiber artist, jeweler, costumer, writer, and welder living in Central Arizona. Her book art sculptures have been in national fiber arts shows, and are held by museums, universities, and private and corporate collectors.