rise by Sarah S. Mallory

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In 2013 an estimated 744 minors died from gun violence in the United States. rise is a 371 page accordion book displaying each death of a minor that was a result of gun violence in the United States in 2013. Each day of the last calendar year has a page in the book with the numerical date as well as the number of deaths, represented by a cut out upward flying dove. Some pages show no deaths, some pages show up to 9 in one day. Viewing or reading rise is an active memorial. The volume and depth of the book, the repetition in the format, the knowledge that each rising dove represents an individual lost, the knowledge that in this country minors are by law supposed to be separated from gun ownership and possession, turning through the cut out pages of rise is a meditation for the hands and mind to move through. All of the data and research for rise was collected from slate.com's report on gun violence after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in December 2012.

Artist Bio

Sarah S. Mallory is an illustrator and book artist currently living and working in Brooklyn New York. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago earning multiple honors for her achievements in book and fiber arts. Her award winning book entitled Wish can be found in the Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection. Sarah's current projects, inspirations and interests include city blocks, the arctic ocean, rhythm and blues, candle making and root vegetables. To contact Sarah or learn more about her work please visit her website www.sarahsmallory.com.