Revelations Revised by Lynn Skordal -SOLD!

Revelations Revised is an altered book project created as a unique work in 2014. The original book was a large format 1926 travel book entitled Turn to the East by Caroline Singer and C. Le Roy Baldridge. Only the original covers and end pages of the original volume remain intact; the rest of the book has been completely altered with collage and paint to present an altered version of the Book of Revelations in a series of "illuminated" pages. Page backgrounds include detail from scans of old illuminated manuscripts and the main images are collaged from inkjet prints of old photographs and religious paintings (such as the magnificent 14th century altar pieces by Flemish painter Hans Memling). All text and collaged images are by Lynn Skordal.

Artist Bio

I live and work in the Pacific Northwest, on an island in the middle of a lake, surrounded by a big city. Most of my work involves old-style cut-and-paste collage, either in the form of two-dimensional scenes or collage and cut-work integrated into altered and artist's books. Collage is a humble but immensely satisfying medium. I like the process of combining seemingly unrelated images (old photos, magazine clippings, colored bits of paper, images found in old books or on the internet) into a different reality that might startle, amuse or provoke.